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Manufacturing process

We develope professional solutions to support the manufacturing processes for many light industry sector companies. Holistic solutions allow more effective use these processes.

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Materials Management

Stationary and mobile solutions allow to efficiently manage the flow of warehouse units, which influences work performance and use of warehouse floor.

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Quality control

Our solutions in the field of quality control have an important advantage: a quick access to information about project, raw material, additives, and finally the end-product on every production stage.

Our solutions

  • E-commerce module
  • Process sheet
  • Warehouse operator module
  • Quality control module
  • Production operator module

Who we are

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Experience in developing

For 10 years we develop software for our customers.

We offer professional IT service in design, implementation and running of our products. We have strong experience in designing of professional applications for our Clients. Made and adapted to the needs of our Clients, these applications are our asset on European markets

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Materials Management

Our solutions in the field of materials management comprise a comprehensive and professional approach to inventory management issues.

The flow of goods and information about goods, both inside and outside the company.

Using the latest technology and our experience, we design, implement and deploy high-quality IT systems.

Our solutions are supported by equipment from globally recognized manufacturers. In the scope of our cooperation we provide warranty and after sales service of IT systems and equipment.

Many companies from the sectors of agriculture, food processing, light industry and heavy industry have placed their trust in us.
IT systems we execute and implement guarantee safety and security.

Quality Management

Multi-level completion of tasks relating to management of quality processes.

Gathering and processing of data on test and actual runs of metal detectors, along with waste inventory and description of incident. Implementation of given module in all system elements, both in management and operation.

Report on qualitative completion of production process is an integral element of support and monitoring of quality control departments.

Warehouse Management

Quick access to warehouse stocks on-line (in real time) both in the field of stationary warehouses – own (low and high stock), external warehouses – foreign, work-in-progress warehouses for given operator’s post.

Quick product location in a warehouse on-line, along with a visualization of position in a warehouse.

Marking and searching for a product according to many keys
– Product name
– Product code
– Client name
– Number of production batch
– Using FIFO or LIFO methods


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