The Challenges

  1. Tasks of editing, completion of production tasks
    • Multi-level completion of tasks relating to production quality management
    • Gathering and processing data concerning the work of metal detector, available types of impurities: metals – Fe, non-metals – Non Fe, stainless steel – SS
    • Gathering and processing data concerning test and actual runs of the metal detector, along with waste inventory during incident and description of the incident.
    • Presentation of data
    • Implementation of given module in all system elements, both management and operation.
  2. Report on quality production completion
    • Standard report – Quality control inventory
    • Standard report – Working time card containing quantitative elements with information on  quality control.
  3. Level of security
    • Level of data access and module function
    • Level of access only for operators having specific permissions.


Project Description

Client:Developed from 2011