The Challenges

  1. Design of Process sheet
    • we use the most up-to-date developer tools,
    • preparation of the Process sheet for ad hoc production,
    • preparation of the Process sheet based on orders,
    • verification of the correctness of the Process sheet,
    • monitoring of changes in the Process sheet,
    • versioning of the Process sheet,
    • goods quality monitoring on the basis of the Process sheet,
  2. Integration
    • monitoring of level of defects and breakdowns,
    • quality statistics product vs. the Process sheet
    • integration with existing IT systems,
    • comprehensive integration of NCAMELEO solution,
    • applying to the Technological Card in the production process,
    • abiding by Client’s needs and requirements,
    • implementation in production environment,
    • support on each stage of implementation
  3. Levels of security
    • log-in from given security level,
    • access level to data and module functions,
    • possibility to generate additional User permissions levels

Project Description

Client:Developed from 2011