The Challenges

IntelliClass e-Commerce v.3
Perfectly software optimizing work in your warehouse

Aplication set for full managment:

  • warehouse
  • implementation orders
  • shipment
  • delivery
  • employees
  • communication with couriers


Functional managment a warehouse processes, employees and their repoting give us desire performance effect.

The software has a lot of essential functions. Possibility verification orders in the present and also past. This option allows you to change the planning work in company for high productivity.

Another function is a intuitiveness. This special tools making your order completion for shipment to easy and fast.

IntelliClass e-Commerce v.3 :

  • controlling
  • warehouse managment
  • logistics
  • employees managment
  • minimum of paperwork
  • addictional packets according to customers need


Intelliclass e-Commerce is a ‘world without borders’ because any solutions tailored to needs individual customers.

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Project Description

Client:Developed from 2019